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Hello, we’re Motoi - a cosmetics and quasi-drugs ingredients manufacturer established in August 2018. Our company began with a vision to supply people with hydrolyzed eggshell membrane, a cosmetic ingredient commonly distributed as a luxury item, at an affordable price that would make it more available through daily use products.

Through the powers of natural science, we create products that are good for people, good for everyday use, and good for the environment.

Our goal is to create products that can make people’s everyday feel a little extra special, day by day.


CASK - hydrolyzed eggshell membrane CASK - hydrolyzed eggshell membrane CASK - hydrolyzed eggshell membrane
Introducing CASK - hydrolyzed eggshell membrane

For a naturally beautiful you.

CASK is our special ingredient product for cosmetics and quasi-drugs ingredient; eggshell membrane processed to become soluble in water, then powderised. In the industry, it's referred to as “hydrolyzed eggshell membrane”.

Although it's only been in recent years that egg membranes have become commonly available through technology, it’s medicinal properties have been passed down for centuries - as far back as 1596. A Chinese medical textbook published in this year features a mention about the eggshell membrane as medicine to treat wounds and burns. Today, it is acknowledged as traditional Chinese medicine.

The main composition of eggshell membrane is protein, which is abundant with natural amino acids. Similar to human skin and hair, it also contains hyaluronic acid and collagen. Processing this material can be extremely challenging, and retaining the active ingredients can prove to be difficult.

By using a special technique using enzymes, CASK has achieved in retaining a larger portion of nutrients from eggshell membranes. That’s why our product holds many features to build the basic requirements for healthy scalp and hair, such as moisturising, skin brightening, anti-inflammatory properties, protecting cuticles and giving volume and bounce to hair.

Not only is CASK ecological as it is made from shells reused after human consumption, it's price is set to be affordable for everyday use. We’re dedicated to delivering an everyday product that we can be assured as good for both people and the environment.

Product: CASK
INCI name: Hydrolyzed Eggshell Membrane

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Company nameMotoi Co.,Ltd.
Head Office Level 4 Yoshida Building, 2-1-17 Yakuin, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka, Japan 810-0022(Google Map)
Phone 092-739-9007(main)
FAX 092-739-9006
Established August 10th, 2017
Capital 9,990,000 JPY
Representative Director & CEO Mako Kayama
Business Details Manufacture and Sales of cosmetic and pharmaceutical external ingredients “hydrolyzed eggshell membrane”


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